C22 H20 013


As part of a commission from the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum we produced a unique piece that explores the theme of design and nature. The name refers to the chemical formula of the cochineal while the inspiration for the shapes and colors comes from these chemical formulas, their representation and their different shades and versions. The result, a very exquisite alpaca and silk fabric, is a collective success: among artisans and designers.

To visit the exhibition go to the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design  official page.

Size: 80 x 164 cm

Material: 60% Alpaca, 40% silk. Metallic thread applications.

Hand woven tapestry on pedal loom with needlework applications.

Dye: cochineal.

Design: Marisol Centeno

Development: Artesana Leticia Gutiérrez, diseñadora Luisa Esponda y Marisol Centeno.

Woven by: Leticia Gutiérrez

Embroidery: Leticia Gutiérrez, Paola Mendonza and Dolores Sosa.

Dying  and color testing: Artisan Leticia Gutiérrez, Artisan Lorenzo Bautista, designers Luisa Esponda y Marisol Centeno.