Luxury Hotel Photographer, Mexico, Caribbean – Hotel Esencia, Riviera Maya, Tulum – Los Angeles, USA-based


Hotel Esencia is a majestic estate at the immaculate bay of Xpu-Ha. It has long enjoyed a storied past in this ancestral cradle of culture, cuisine, and comfort. 

A new chapter began in 2014 with the arrival of a new owner and a bold, worldly outlook on how to savor paradise. 

Pitaya Rugs  were created in collaboration with Juan Carlos Chávez, Hotel Esencia´s Creative director. 

The collection found inspiration in the tropical paradise. Its organic and wild, unique shapes evoke an atmosphere full of exuberant sensations by a modern language. We create abstract amorphous forms, by free traces and texture juxtaposition.

Collection on sale exclusively at Hotel Esencia

Photo credit: @tanveerbada