Bi Yuu oven

We are reducing our carbon footprint in collaboration with Tecnologico de Monterrey.

During the last eight years, at BiYuu, we had questioned how we could create a positive impact by using design. That is why every year, we set new golds.

We are living insert times, but we refuse to lose our faith. That is why it is relevant for us to share that we have been working on an oven development—looking for solutions to reduce our carbon footprint during the natural dying process and also health systems to improve the traditional dye experiences for local artisans

In collaboration with the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Estado de Mexico, we developed a prototype by an academic degree program.

We are proud to be a laboratory in which emerging Mexican design is available to embrace new horizons to reconsider the power of design in a country in which innovations still feel far away.

We share with you some benefits of the Bi Yuu´s oven.

  • Less c02 during boiling time.
  • By systematizing processes, we are reducing moving.
  • Water recycling system
  • Water measuring device 

Energy Systems

  • Gas 
  • Wood-burning stove 
  • insolation wood device to control temperature= less wood use

Health Benefits for local dyers

  • Smoke insolation (pm2. 5):

 Avoiding respiratory systems and ocular diseases

Pulley systems: Anticipating spinal diseases

We are happy with our first result, but this is just the beginning because Social Design has no zip code.

We hope to bring you news very soon! 

Project credits:

We grateful to the Escuela de Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño, of TEC de Monterrey Campus Estado de México. Special thanks to Ramiro Estrada, regional Dean, and Moisés Hérnandez, Regional Director, for their trust and support.

TEC Industrial designers: Cinthya Chavez, Martha Mariana Derrant Ramírez and Ana Sofía García
Textile Designers: Marisol Centeno

Dyers: Jesús Sosa, Leticia Gutiérrez and Lorenzo Bautista